1 Nephi 3:7

"And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto my father: I will go and do the things which the Lord hath commanded, for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men, save he shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which he commandeth them."

Monday, June 20, 2016

Last week with Elder Jimenez :( - June 20, 2016 - Week 86

This week we continued to stay busy here in Buenavista. On Wednesday we had a huge service project, where we went up in the mountains and cut down trees for lumber to help a member build their house. Its was so tiring but at the same time so much fun! Then on Saturday we had a baptism of the SararaƱa family. It was a huge success, even though the waves were pretty heavy. But i'm pretty much a professional at baptizing during storms and typhoons and what not at this point, so a couple little waves ain't got nothing on me. ;) Just kidding. Saturday morning before the baptism we definitely faced some problems that we had to work through. Like that morning we woke up and there was no electricity and no water. And then a storm blew in. And so on and so on. But through faith and prayer we were able to get through it and had a huge turn out. After the baptism we found out who all was transferring. So the branch through a surprise party for those 3 missionaries. That is where the video on facebook came from. I found out my companion will be transferring and that I won't find out who my new companion is till Wednesday. All I know is that I will be training again. I am literally so pumped to train again. I learned so much the last time I trained and can't wait to help and learn from my new bata (trainee). Its cool that I get to train here because it pretty much guarantees me two more transfers here to serve and get to know more people. So that's about it for this week I will let yall know next week more details on my bata.

Hope yall all had a great week and continue to enjoy your summer vacation. 

Elder Jake Frandsen
Philippines Iloilo Mission

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